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Our SAT Math Test Prep Course is designed to prepare students for the August 27, 2022 SAT Math sections. The course is divided into 16 units that cover all the topics, concepts, and strategies necessary to achieve a desirable score on the SAT. Each week the students will work through 2 of the units with an elite level instructor. Students will then be assigned homework problems to practice those units on their own. A video of the instructor solving each homework problem will be available to each student to help them review the homework on their own. In addition, students will be able to schedule time to come into the learning center to take a mock exam up to once per week. These exams will be scored by the instructor and both students and parents will be sent reports. This will be a good way for the student to track their progress throughout the course and practice taking the test in the proper testing environment. The instructor will also be available for a virtual office hour once a week. This is for students to ask questions about homework or the mock test provided that week. Lastly, the instructor will be available for a bonus review session on Thursday August 25 from 6:00-8:00pm to review last minute questions before the test. This comprehensive course emphasizes time-saving techniques, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.