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"If you are looking for a tutor that is not only an expert in his subject but also knows how to pass that knowledge on to his students, then you can end your search. Mr. Hale has an amazing ability to weave mathematical concepts into his teaching so seamlessly, that students begin to appreciate math. His patience and love for Math translates into successes for his students.

Mr. Hale first started working with our older daughter who was good in Math but did not enjoy it. After Mr. Hale started working with her in 10th grade, when she was taking Precalculus, she not only progressed and ended with an A in class but was allowed to skip AB Calculus the next year and was accelerated to the BC calculus class in 11th grade. 

Seeing the success with our older daughter, our younger one who chose a different path, wanting to take the BC Calculus exam while taking AB calculus in 11th grade, also worked with Mr. Hale and achieved success. 

Both our daughters, who have different aptitudes and learning styles easily attained all A's in their very competitive (WWPHS) math classes and each received a 5 in the BC Calculus exam as well as a sub-score of a 5 in the AB Calculus portion of the exams. They also scored 800's on their SAT and the SAT math subject tests.

Needless to say, we wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hale and thank him for creating a love of math in our daughters. "

----Swati D (Various Subjects)


"Mr. Hale is a fantastic tutor! Knowledgeable, professional and timely! I could not have passed my psychology statistics course without his guidance and help! Would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a course and needs assistance! The best of the best!"

---- Nicole M (Psychological Statistics)
"I had an amazing experience with Mr. Hale over the last 4 years of my high school career. He has tutored me in Algebra 2, Pre Calculus, Calculus AB and SAT math. He bolstered my understanding of the material and helped me get good grades all year. He helped me prepare for the AP AB calc test and I got a 5 on the test.. He helped me increase my SAT math score over 100 points to a 790. I would not have been able to achieve this without his his help! I highly recommend Mr.Hale to any one looking for a good math tutor."

---- Sadhvi M (Various Subjects)

"After going to countless office hours and online tutoring by tutors with a Ph.D. in math, none compare to Mr. Hale. He is able to break down complex concepts into regular understandable procedures."
---- Amir S (Calculus 1)


"I hired Daniel to help me with my graduate level statistics course and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have done well in the course. He presented the information in a simple and direct format that I could easily understand. His knowledge, patience, and flexibility helped me a great deal!"
---- Christine P (Biostatistics)