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Jennifer Jacobs(Algebra 2)

“Our experience with Dan and Katie has been extraordinary.
Katie makes the logistics easy - any answer we need is a friendly text message or phone call away. My daughter prefers to attend in person, but a quick switch to online is always an option if we need it.
Dan’s teaching style is calm and focused. Since we started a few months ago, he’s been catching my daughter up and moving her a little bit ahead of her classwork at the same time (!), so that she is already familiar with a concept when it is introduced in school. After each session, we get a thoughtful recap over email, which I appreciate.
With Dan’s assistance, my daughter’s grades have steadily improved and she recently landed her first A. More important than the A, though, is seeing her confidence returning in a supportive environment. I think there are life lessons here about asking for help when she is struggling with hard things. Katie and Dan have created an uplifting space for that, and we highly recommend YFMT!"

Ron Stafford(Various Subjects)

"Let's face the sad truth: public school administrators do not care whether kids learn math (among other subjects). COVID distance learning made things worse! What to do? Our family looked at the franchised math teaching programs & had tried one for a few years in 2d & 3d grades. After 10th grade, we found YFMT & tried it. Wow! This is the "holy grail"/ gold standard of very qualified instruction & personal approach! Katie and Daniel are good people & their hearts are clearly in what they do! Over about 12 months of rebuilding a math foundation with Mr. Hale 1-to-1 - and 2 months of a small group SAT class, my son improved his math score from a 520 PSAT to a 730 SAT! (Along the way, we used YFMT's Physics tutoring with Rohan and were also very, very pleased with it! If you & your child are willing to put in the time in & out of tutoring, YFMT is absolutely worth a look - just for the long-term bang-for-the-buck. IMHO, it is probably your best bet to fill in the plethora of holes in the average public school education! (Many thanks, YFMT!)"

Jaiden Jain-Edwards(Various Subjects)

“Daniel has tutored me in Pre-Calc and Calculus, and also the SAT math. I've been able to gain a deeper understanding of concepts thank to Daniel. There isn't a question he can't answer, and shoutout to Katie who has done a great job organizing and coordinating sessions.”

Sadhvi Mohankumar(Various Subjects)

"I had an amazing experience with Mr. Hale over the last 4 years of my high school career. He has tutored me in Algebra 2, Pre Calculus, Calculus AB and SAT math. He bolstered my understanding of the material and helped me get good grades all year. He helped me prepare for the AP AB calc test and I got a 5 on the test.. He helped me increase my SAT math score over 100 points to a 790. I would not have been able to achieve this without his his help! I highly recommend Mr.Hale to any one looking for a good math tutor."

Swati Dave(Various Subjects)

"If you are looking for a tutor that is not only an expert in his subject but also knows how to pass that knowledge on to his students, then you can end your search. Mr. Hale has an amazing ability to weave mathematical concepts into his teaching so seamlessly, that students begin to appreciate math. His patience and love for Math translates into successes for his students.
Mr. Hale first started working with our older daughter who was good in Math but did not enjoy it. After Mr. Hale started working with her in 10th grade, when she was taking Precalculus, she not only progressed and ended with an A in class but was allowed to skip AB Calculus the next year and was accelerated to the BC calculus class in 11th grade. 
Seeing the success with our older daughter, our younger one who chose a different path, wanting to take the BC Calculus exam while taking AB calculus in 11th grade, also worked with Mr. Hale and achieved success. 
Both our daughters, who have different aptitudes and learning styles easily attained all A's in their very competitive (WWPHS) math classes and each received a 5 in the BC Calculus exam as well as a sub-score of a 5 in the AB Calculus portion of the exams. They also scored 800's on their SAT and the SAT math subject tests.
Needless to say, we wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hale and thank him for creating a love of math in our daughters. "

Cherie Davis(SAT Math)

"Dan is very professional, patient, and knowledgeable when teaching or reviewing content with my son. He ALWAYS emails with a synapses of the lessons and formulates a plan moving forward to best suit my child's needs. He also offers strategies and ways to problem solve if content is challenging. His wife Katie is equally pleasant and professional in setting up appointments. I highly recommend Dan."

Amir S(Calculus I)

"After going to countless office hours and online tutoring by tutors with a Ph.D. in math, none compare to Mr. Hale. He is able to break down complex concepts into regular understandable procedures."

Nicole Martin(Psychological Statistics)

"Mr. Hale is a fantastic tutor! Knowledgeable, professional and timely! I could not have passed my psychology statistics course without his guidance and help! Would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a course and needs assistance! The best of the best!"

Christine Panos(Biostatistics)

“I hired Daniel to help me with my graduate level statistics course and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have done well in the course. He presented the information in a simple and direct format that I could easily understand. His knowledge, patience, and flexibility helped me a great deal!”

James O'Boyle(Algebra I)

“Dan is an extraordinary teacher. He quickly engaged our son who was struggling, put him back on track, and turned him into a math student. Our son now really enjoys math. We tried other methods and tutors and found that Dan's ability to connect and clarify specifically to our son was unique and served our son. He does not apply a general approach but comes to understand the learning style of the student and then teaches to that need. We would highly recommend him to anyone with a student who may be struggling or just needs some encouragement. Just wonderful to work with."

Mark Hale(Geometry)

"YFMT has been outstanding. Dan has been working with my son for a year now, from review and test prep to learning advanced topics, and the experience has been excellent. Dan is a thoughtful, patient, and highly knowledgeable teacher, and we highly recommend Dan to anyone!"

Audrey Smerkanich(SAT Math)

“Daniel at Your Friendly Math Tutor was excellent. He was very accommodating with his schedule, was positive and supportive, and helped our daughter improve her SAT math score significantly. Would definitely use his services again!”

Luann Folino(Various Subjects)

“I have 3 children and they have all tutored with Dan over the years. Dan's knowledge knows no bounds....from Middles School math to test prep to high school AP calculus. He was even able to help my oldest when he went to college and took linear algebra! Dan is the math tutor that does not just tutor, he cares as well. He always celebrated their successes as if it was his own. I could never thank Dan enough for all he has done. My children's math success is a result of their hard work and Dan!"

Sonali Dharanipragada   (Various College Subjects)

"I have received tutoring from Mr. Hale for the past three semesters in my higher level college math classes, including Intro to Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, and Elementary Differential Equations. After not having taken any math classes since high school, I was extremely nervous going into these advanced courses in my junior year of college. However, with the help of Mr. Hale, I have been succeeding greatly and have earned an A in my class this past semester. Mr. Hale has the ability to break down complex concepts and make them easily understandable. He never fails to answer any question I have and always takes the time to make sure he has a thorough understanding of the material before coming to class. I can attribute my academic success to him and am extremely grateful for all the time he has taken to ensure that."

Theresa McNeil(Calculus)

“Daniel has been an excellent Calculus tutor for my son. Post covid, he had some gaps in math. Working with Daniel has been a great way to make up some of the learning loss. Scheduling is easy, sessions are always on time and our son gets a chance to understand the classroom material more deeply with the 1:1 instruction. Daniel even sends great emails after each lesson with a recap of the concepts they reviewed. Highly recommend!”

Nicole Leka(Various Subjects)

“Mr. Daniel Hale has been nothing but a wonderful, intelligent, and caring math tutor to my siblings and I! My family has had him by our side for a couple of years. Mr. Hale thoroughly taught my family and I every math aspect and history behind it and how to approach math equations the easiest and most effective way. He was able to get my family to achieve A's throughout middle and high school and helped us prepare for the SATs. We had such high math scores that we were accepted to top tier schools like Boston University and New York University. He is also very flexible and accommodating. Plus, he is so friendly! 11/10 recommended him! He is truly the best!"

Anna Seewald(Algebra II)

"Excellent service, great communication and a happy kid! Highly recommend this learning/tutoring center. Dan and his wife are an amazing team. Dan is a talented math teacher and he can truly make a difference in your child's life."

Brian Cerenzio(Various Subjects)

“Daniel worked with both my kids and we couldn't be happier with the results. We saw a drastic improvement in their performance once they started working with Daniel.

Communication was excellent as well and always tried their best to work around my kids hectic and constantly changing schedule. Couldn't recommend high enough. Would be my first call if they ever needed help again.”

Laurene Wolf(Various Subjects)

“Dan and his wife are a truly amazing team! My daughter has had several math tutors over the years and Dan is top notch! He is so patient and explains difficult concepts in a way that makes sense to my daughter. His wife always accommodates us for an extra session if needed for an upcoming test and has been flexible if my daughter's schedule changes. I could not recommend them highly enough and am so grateful for their help in making Math less stressful for my daughter!!"

Anastasia Serheev(Various Subjects)

"My son was tutored by Dan in middle and high school. It was a pleasure for him and very effective. Dan is patient and knowledgeable and we would highly recommend him."

Archana Bhorkar(Precalculus)

“Dan is an excellent tutor and Katie is great to work with. Their support really helped my son and I would highly recommend Your Friendly Math Tutor for any tutoring needs.”

Kim Dinenberg

(Elementary School Math)

“The personalized, friendly and fun environment and tutoring that my 9 year old son received at YFMT is unparalleled! His math benchmark test went up 30 points since he started sessions with Dan. That is huge! My son looks forward to these sessions and leaves each one with renewed enthusiasm and confidence in math. Highly recommended for any student at any age or level!!"

Gary Mus(Calculus)

"I highly recommend Your Friendly Math Tutor as they have helped me thru a couple of difficult math courses. The staff went above and beyond my expectations in answering questions and understanding the material for successful exam scores."

Lucinda Orsini(Calculus)

“Dan is a knowledgeable and caring math teacher. He helped my highschool senior, usually an excellent student, repair two years of 'covid' damage to her math knowledge base and get a final grade of 90 in calculus this year! Highly recommend”

Keith Rasmussen(Work Math)

“I know the folks at Your Friendly Math Tutor address grade improvement and college placement success for students, but they've also helped those already in the workforce land that dream job.

Katie and Dan worked to develop successful strategies for my oldest son to utilize during a pressure-filled vetting process designed to weed out the unprepared.

Your Friendly Math Tutor will create the plan; the hard work is up to you."

Dorian Rakoczi

(Various Subjects)

"I've been leaning from Mr.Hale for a long time now, going on 5 years. He has always been accommodating and knows practically all material like the back of his hand. He is genuinely the only reason I passed my calc classes and many others."

Tom Sherman(Geometry)

“What a great service this is. Our 14 year old son needed some help with geometry, he worked with Dan and really said it helped him a lot. Dan was able to explain things in a way that clicked for him helped him and made him feel more confident going forward. I enthusiastically recommend Dan and the whole team at Your Friendly Math Tutor!”

Aubrey Reno(Various Subjects)

“Has worked with Mr. Hale for a number of years covering high school algebra through college stats. Always explains concepts so I can understand."

Abhay Srivastava(Calculus)


Mona Hanna(Various Subjects)


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